Welcome to Lakeside Primary School

Welcome to our school now in the ninth year in this fabulous building. If you are new to Lakeside or an old friend returning, we are confident that your child, or indeed your children, will be very happy and well cared for whilst with us. We are proud to be a caring and hard working school community where we all work together to ensure that all our children have successful learning experiences here and gain far more than just academic skills within our inclusive environment. We are currently focussing hard on improving our Literacy and Numeracy levels across the school. Lakeside belongs to us all but can only really be successful and effective if learners, staff, governors, families and the wider community work together in partnership to make it the happy, caring and safe learning environment we all strive to create. In short, whatever age of learner we are, we are learning together. “Onwards and Upwards, Reaching for the Stars!”

About Our School


  www.childline.org       Children, it’s everybody’s business to keep you safe but you  need to learn to be safe too! Visit their website as an individual or with mum or dad, there’s loads of great stuff for young and old about keeping children safe. It’s not just about a phone call when you get desperate and have no where else to turn, but it is that
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Safeguarding: The Internet

The most wonderful and amazing development of our technical age. Knowledge, shopping, social media the list goes on. But we need to keep  ourselves safe too. Adults, do you know what and who your child is interacting with? Have you put protection on any computers they use? Do young people know what to do if they find an  inappropriate site by accident? Do they
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Safeguarding: I’m worried about a person

 If you are an adult and are worried about     another person, adult or child you can either call social care or come into school and talk. Also if you are worried yourself that you are struggling with finance, child’s behaviour, a housing issue, domestic violence, come and talk. Mrs Peasgood is our Safeguarding Officer but you can talk to any member of staff in
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